Water Related Questions

1, Will the state of the water change when heated or refrigerated?

The state of the water does change when the water is heated or chilled. When heated, the ORP and pH changes. When chilled, the ORP will change but the pH will remain the same for up to a week based on the quality of water.

2, Why does Kangen Water® sometimes have an odor?

Unpurified water has minerals in it1. LeveLuk is designed to handle a standard amount of minerals. When the amount of minerals or free carbon dioxide2 is greater than usual, the minerals occasionally react with the anti-bacterial feature3 of the water supply hose, giving off a smell.

We have prepared a water supply hose for such cases. When running water through the appliance for the first time, please set it on purified water and let it run for two to three minutes longer than usual.



Ca (calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Na (Sodium), Ka (Potassium) and other nutrients found in food and water. Minerals found in water are said to be especially good for the health in optimum amounts.


2Free carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide found in water. Some people prefer the taste of water with carbon dioxide, which tends to have lower pH levels. Water with less carbon dioxide is said to be better for the health. Japanese sake tastes better when there is a moderate amount of carbon dioxide in it.


3Anti-Bacterial feature

Appliances such as the LeveLuk that produce something for human consumption are given anti-bacterial treatment. These appliances often comprise many different parts, and it is especially important that the parts where water passes through are not contaminated.

3, What about differences in quality of raw water?

The type of original tap water used affects the quality of Kangen Water® and acidic water produced by electrolysis. Although water produced with municipal city water is not affected, the efficiency of electrolysis drops when well water is used since it tends to hold a lot of free carbon dioxide1, as well as in cases where water comprising only a small amount of electrolytic minerals is used. Conversely, in cases where the water has excess minerals, the taste may be affected, or Kangen Water® produced may be too high in pH level. Since the water pressure of the faucet affects the production of water, it is important to confirm that genuine Kangen Water® is being produced by regularly checking that it is set at the correct pH level, and checking the bubbles. In order to take into account the differences in the quality of the original tap water, please run a check on a daily basis.

1Free Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide found in water. Some people prefer the taste of water with carbon dioxide, which tends to have lower pH levels. Water with less carbon dioxide is said to be better for the health. Japanese sake tastes better when there is a moderate amount of carbon dioxide in it.

4, What are the benefits of consuming Kangen Water®?

The benefits of consuming Kangen Water® are the minerals it contains and the optimal hydration it offers.


5, What is Mengen Effect of consuming Kangen Water®?

Depending on how it is consumed, and on the individual’s physical state, it is possible (although uncommon) to experience constipation or diarrhea a few days to a few weeks after first starting to drink it. In herbal terms this is known as the Mengen effect1. The two conditions are particularly similar in that both cases, the remedy is so effective that it has a negative effect. If this occurs, the amount of intake should be reduced to half or a fourth of the previous amount until symptoms clear. Once symptoms have subsided, it is okay to resume intake. However, increasing the amount of intake will not alleviate the symptoms. Since halting intake completely may also affect the body, it is best to continue intake, but in lesser amounts. If there are no signs of improvement, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.



effect Your body may start hurting several hours or a day after you receive chiropractic. The technical term for this is the Mengen effect. It is a natural physical response, where the body tries to go back to normal after muscles and bones have been adjusted.


6, What is beauty water (acidic water) and Strong Acidic Water?

Acidic water has a pH of around 5.5-6.5 and strong acidic water has a pH of lower than 2.7. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has certified acidic water as an astringent1. Strong Acidic Water has excellent cleaning characteristics and can be used to clean household surfaces and to remove pesticides, dirt and other impurities from food.

1Astringent Acidic water works as an astringent for toning your skin. ‘Astringent water’ refers to acidic beauty water.


7, How do I use Kangen Water® for beauty care?

Because winter air is extremely cold and dry, skin care is especially important during this time. Without taking care of your skin properly, you will suffer from dry and rough skin. Bodily fluids play an important role in maintaining your body temperature and the health of your skin. Drinking alkaline Kangen Water® can help maintain glowing, smooth skin. Since it is important to maintain your skin’s pH level between 5.0 and 6.0, we recommend spraying acidic water1 on your skin at regular intervals throughout the day. During the winter, bathing in acidic water can help preserve the moisture of your skin. We also recommend that you eat foods and fruits that include high levels of vitamin C, A and E. Treating your skin with beauty water will let you enjoy life even more by giving you smooth and youthful skin.

1Acidic water

Acidic ionized water produced by electrolysis with a pH between 4.0 and 6.5. Its astringent effect is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Excellent for skin care.


8, What is the proper method of Strong Kangen Water/Strong Acidic Water, and how long do they last?

Among the five types of water produced by LeveLuk, the two types for drinking (purified water/Kangen Water®) must be used fresh. Please keep these two types of water in the refrigerator for no more than 4-5 days and replace the water in your take-out bottle everyday. For water used for domestic purposes, including Acidic Water, Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water, less care is required, but we recommend changing your supply once a week. To store, please place the water in a lightproof container1, fill it to the very top to avoid unnecessary contact with air, and store it in a cool, dark place (the refrigerator is ideal).

1Lightproof container

Container that keeps light out.


9, What is the proper amount/method of drinking Kangen Water®?

There are no set rules regarding how to drink Kangen Water® or how much to consume.


10, How do we begin drinking Kangen Water®?

It is most common to begin by setting a low pH1 level (between pH8 and pH9.0), and gradually increasing the amount of intake. After continuing regular intake for about two weeks, gradually adjust the pH level and amount of intake (between pH9.0-pH9.5) based on your body needs and physical condition. The Kangen Water® should be as fresh as possible.

For children or seniors, set the pH level at an even lower level upon starting, and gradually increase it as the body adjusts to the current pH level.

In the case of infants (until about a year old), since breast milk or milk is the only thing they consume, the intestinal movement is generally different from adults, and the use of Kangen Water® is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more sophisticated foods. In any case, Kangen Water® should not be used to make powdered milk for infants.


pH The logarithm of the reciprocal of hydrogen-ion concentration in gram atoms per liter. It is used as a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a scale of 0-14 (where 7 is neutral).



Machine Related Questions


1, Why is the appliance leaking?

It is most likely that the ring (stopper) on the cartridge came off during transportation, or that you have forgotten to take off the O-ring1 when replacing the cartridge. It is highly unlikely that the leaking has been caused by a mechanical fault in the appliance.



Small, round rubber gasket that prevents leakage when connecting the various pipes to the appliance.


2, How do I use the spout stand?

Two types of water run through the LeveLuk machine, and Kangen Water® will be produced only when the two run at a fixed ratio. If the discharge hose is bent, or the stand is positioned higher than the bottom tip of the flexible pipe, acidic water cannot be produced properly. In turn, stretching the hose below the sink to collect water in a separate container will result in loss of Kangen Water®. In this case, please do not pull the spout stand to the bottom, but prepare a separate hose to collect water in the container. Please make it a daily habit to check the water using the pH testing solution and hydrogen bubbles.



3, How do you use the reset switch?

There is a square switch situated under the black cover on the front-left of the appliance. Please make sure to push this button (it should make a beeping sound) when you first set up the LeveLuk or when replacing the filter. This allows for the correct display on the monitor (liquid crystal display) of all the information stored in the LeveLuk microcomputer. This reset button must be pushed in order for information to be displayed on the LCD screen. It notifies the user when there is too much or too little water, sets off an alarm when heated water passes through by mistake, and informs you to monitor the water flow. By using the reset switch correctly on the LeveLuk, you insure the delivery of safe and healthy water.


4, How many years does the electrolysis cell remain effective?

The electrode plate in LeveLuk’s electrolysis cell is thicker and larger than other companies’ products. The appliance is designed this way in order to increase electrolysis capacity and durability. Another important reason is to guarantee the production of maximum volumes of water. The electrode plates are made of the very highest-quality titanium, plated with platinum. Needless to say, due to this choice of materials, the electrode plates are completely rustproof. The electrolysis cell is to a water production appliance what the engine generator is to a car. We can recommend our products with the utmost confidence because we use only the best materials. Our electrolysis cell and control (PCB)1 secures a high ORP2, and produces safe, healthy and delicious water. The automatic cleaning mechanism ensures that the electrolysis cell is always clean, and it should last 15 years.


Control PCB (Print Circuit Board)

 A board comprising print circuits that manage various data related to the appliance. Hi-tech components/condenser also built in.


ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

Electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidization). This process is also known as deoxidization. ORP is measured in terms of negative mVs. The ideal ORP level for the human body is said to be between -150mV and -400mV.


4, What should I do when I notice a built-up of clusters in my water?

Small amounts of minerals are found in unpurified water (tap water/sewage water). During electrolysis, minerals become concentrated on the minus side of the electrolysis circuit, causing clusters to attach to the electrode plate. LeveLuk can remove the clusters by reversing the voltage, but sometimes these clusters fall off naturally. When you pour this water into a stainless container or glass, the clusters stick to the bottom and sides. It is difficult to remove these clusters by scraping with metallic objects, etc. Instead, please pour vinegar into the container and leave it for 12 to 15 hours.


You could substitute citric acid1 for vinegar if you like. These clusters are not harmful even if consumed, so please do not worry.


Furthermore, if you set the machine on beauty water (acidic water) , and let the water run for two to three minutes, you can decrease the amount of minerals significantly. Please clean containers that you put Kangen Water® in at least once every three months by the above mentioned method.


Citric acid

Citric acid is extracted from apples. It has the ability to dissolve clusters of minerals such as Ca and Mg. An ideal and safe way of cleaning water production appliances is to circulate citric acid through the appliance.


5, How is the machine cleaned?

LeveLuk has an automatic cleaning system. The amount of minerals in the supply water, such as Ca and Mg can vary greatly, and mineral1 clusters inevitably stick to the electrode plates. They can be broken off, however, easily by reversing the electric current (switching the +,-polarity). Mineral clusters attached to the electrode plate decrease the electrolysis capacity of the appliance, resulting in a failure to produce primary Kangen Water®. The amount of minerals attached to the electrolysis cell varies according to the quantity of minerals in the tap water.


LeveLuk’s automatic cleaning mechanism is activated for 20 seconds when continual electrolysis reaches 15 minutes. When using LeveLuk in areas where the water has a high mineral content, change the setting to “beauty water” (2nd from bottom) and turn on the tap slightly so the water is running gently. This will reverses the electric current and remove the crystals in the electrolysis cell after 2-3 minutes. Changing the setting to “beauty water” once a day for 30 seconds is another way to clean the electrolysis cell. The cleaning function is necessary to maximize the life span of the electrolysis cell.



Ca (calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Na (Sodium), Ka (Potassium) and other nutrients found in food and water. Minerals found in water are said to be especially good for the health in optimum amounts.


6, The upper flexible pipe leaks acidic water when set on beauty care water. How can I stop the leaking?

Before pouring water through the flexible pipe, you need to take off the scales1 (mineral clusters) stuck to the electrode plate2 by reversing the voltage3, that is, changing the plus and minus of the electric current. This is necessary for producing proper acidic water. By removing the scales and running acidic water through the flexible pipes even when you are not using acidic water, you can keep the electrode plate clean and increase its durability. Moreover, using the upper flexible pipe makes the appliance easier to use especially when washing your face or pouring water into a plastic bottle.



Ca, Mg, Na, Ka and other mineral clusters are produced when water is electrolyzed. These clusters are called scales and are not harmful even if consumed.


Electrode plate

A metal board that conducts electricity during electrolysis. It is made of titanium and plated in platinum. It has superb electrolysis capacity and high durability.


Reversing the voltage

In order to electrolyze water, the plus and minus of the direct currents must be clear. When mineral clusters get attached to the electrode plate, there is a need to reverse the plus and minus of the current to remove the clusters. This basically sets the appliance on a cleaning function, similar to when it is placed on the “beauty water” setting.


7, What if there’s no cartridge replacement notice even after a year?

The display screen on the LeveLuk will notify you when the total volume of water produced reaches 1,500 gallons. The microcomputer controls this notification mechanism, please make sure to press the reset switch to activate the microcomputer when you put in a new filter. The reset switch is located on the top right of the cartridge section (inside the black cover on the left). Please press it until it beeps. The microcomputer controls other information for the LeveLuk as well, which is why it is critical to remember to press the reset button.


8, What optional purification parts are available for the LeveLuk?

We provide a variety of optional accessories to maximize the benefits of LeveLuk DX.


Hoses for supplying and discharging water – Although any length of your choice is available (in 40 inch units), shorter hoses are easier to use for this purpose. The hose offered by our company has special anti-bacterial1 properties that distinguish them from general products.
Pre-filter – Useful in the removal of foreign substances such as iron rust, dirt, and sand, especially when the original water supply is from a well. It can also clear lime and helps protect the appliance.

Anti-bacterial coating

All the parts in the LeveLuk, but especially those that come in contact with the water in the process of filtering, have had anti-bacterial treatment to avoid any kind of contamination.


9, What is the difference between LeveLuk’s electrolysis cell and those of other companies?

Electrolysis of water requires high quality electrolysis plates, and the size, thickness, and number of the plates becomes crucial in maintaining durability. The “double cross line” method1 used by other companies has the appliance’s overall durability in mind. In these appliances, two small electrolysis cells are used in turn to provide resting time, but this limits the volume of water than can be produced at one time. LeveLuk on the other hand, has five or seven electrolysis plates, the largest number in the industry, and while maintaining durability via their large surface area and thickness, they allow the appliance to produce large volumes of water (maximum Kangen Water®: 0.8-2.0 gallons/minute).


Every function, such as supplying voltage according to switching of the pH setting and producing highly acidic water in the same electrolysis cell, is carefully monitored by the microcomputer. It ensures that the appliance can be used safely for a long period of time. We recommend that you produce “beauty water” once a day for at least three minutes to improve the appliance’s durability.


Double cross line method

Also referred to as the auto cross changer method. An electrolysis system where the appliance is equipped with two small electrolysis cells in order to enhance durability by alternating the cells with each water flow.


10,How does the automatic draining system work?

LeveLuk is equipped with an automatic water-draining system that prevents contamination and proliferation of germs in residue water. The automatic water draining system is activated once the water stops. It takes approximately 30 seconds for all water in the electrolysis cell, water purification cartridge, and all channels to be drained through the hose (grey). Please note that the automatic water draining system is activated when the water level drops, and positioning the spout higher than the base of the appliance for any reason (pooling of acidic water in the tank, hanging the hose from a rack because of its length) may result in a failure to discharge residue water. Leaving water behind may cause problems with taste and smell. Please be sure to have the spout hose lower than the appliance before turning the tap off.


11, The flexible pipe is not allowing for the smooth flow of water. What should I do?

When the original tap water supply is high in minerals (most often seen with well water), a large amount of crystals are formed in the electrolysis cell. If this progresses, chunks of crystals can become stuck in the net before the flexible pipe, obstructing the water outflow. In order to remove this clog, poke the area with a piece of wire and blow air into the LeveLuk from the spout. Please remove the flexible pipe from LeveLuk when cleaning in this manner.


12, What is special about LeveLuk’s strong acidic water production system?

Traditionally, strong acidic water could only be produced with large devices for institutional use (at the time, strong acidic water was called hyper acidic water). We thought that it would be highly beneficial for people’s hygiene if they could produce and use strong acidic water in their homes. The LeveLuk makes it possible to produce fairly large quantities of strong acidic water and strong Kangen Water® at home.


Misc Questions


1, What is the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)?

The oxidation reduction potential1 is the electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down oxidation such as rusting. Kangen Water® must have a negative ORP in order to be considered good, especially for drinking.


ORP is the strength to bond with active oxygen2 reducing power, and can be measured through electronic designs in the hardware. Although a negative value is desirable for deoxidization power, the actual value varies from region to region. For example, in Osaka city, tap water records an ORP of +580-600mV, but after using LeveLuk, the ORP becomes pH9.5 and records the ideal from -150mV to -400mV. When the original water supply’s ORP increases, the ORP of Kangen Water® moves in direct proportion. On the Japanese archipelago, LeveLuk is capable of producing water with negative levels of ORP at pH9.5 even where original water supply marks the highest positive levels of ORP.


Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)

Electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidization). This process is also known as deoxidization. ODR is measures in terms of negative mVs. The ideal ODR level for the human body is said to be between -150mV and -400mV.

Active oxygen Also known as free radicals. Medically it is known to enter the body when one’s daily rhythm of life or diet goes astray when under stress. It is the type of oxygen that causes illness and aging. Maintaining a daily rhythm will help keep this oxygen from entering your body!


2, What is “calcium addition”?

In ancient times, the Japanese archipelago was connected to what is now China, but over the years it broke off and drifted toward the Pacific Ocean. Japan’s soil was acidic back then, and since there are many volcanoes along the Sea of Japan, the soil has remained acidic, and has not become neutral or alkaline. As a result, the water in areas toward the Sea of Japan is more acidic than in areas closer to the Pacific Ocean. Although acidic water, which has an astringent effect1, is good for the skin if used for everyday chores and facial treatment, it is not suitable for drinking. Even when this water is electrolyzed, it does not produce water with standard pH levels. This water is much better for consumption than unpurified water. The ORP measuring device is the best way to see this for your self, in which case there is a need to add calcium glycerophosphate2 to the water. By doing so, pH levels can be increased in intervals of 0.5. We recommend that people living in regions on the side of the Sea of Japan add calcium to their water.


Astringent effect

Acidic water contains a small amount of chlorine ions and has an astringent effect. This water is good for toning your skin.


Calcium glycerophosphate (Calcium powder)

If the pH level does not increase even after electrolyzing water (especially when using well water or tap water in areas toward the Sea of Japan), adding calcium powder will increases the pH level.


3, Why doesn’t Kangen Water® turn the pH testing solution blue (purple)?

Kangen Water® produces a yellow/green color (neutral reading) in pH testing solutions even if it made on the setting for pH 9.5. This phenomenon is often observed in areas where well water is used. Even water that tests neutral has been through the electrolytic process and has the benefits. This is caused by the carbon dioxide in well water, which is produced from decomposing organic matter. Carbon dioxide readily dissolves in water, making it acidic. Water with carbon dioxide can be electrolyzed, however, the carbon dioxide is neutralized during the process. Therefore the water tests neutral on the pH scale. Driving out the carbon dioxide from Kangen Water® will result in the Kangen Water® expressing blue in pH test liquid.


When measuring the pH using a pH testing solution, place a few drops in the flask before pouring in freshly made Kangen Water®. There is carbon dioxide in your Kangen Water® if the color turns blue initially, but eventually turns yellow.


4, Some white bits are floating in the Kangen Water®. What are they?

Your original tap water supply always contains some minerals. Especially on the pacific side of Japan, including Okinawa, the land is more alkaline and minerals crystallize readily onto the electrolysis plates and some break off into the water. Although they look like foreign substances, there is no harm in drinking these mineral clusters. In order to prevent the mineral clusters from falling into the water, we recommend changing the setting to “acidic water mode” (run reverse voltage) and increase the pressure and quantity of water once or twice a day for 3-4 minutes to clean out the appliance. Because of the caustic lime1 situation in Okinawa, we recommend people living in this area to use the pre-filter2 (sold separately).


Depending on the situation, it may be appropriate to use both of filters together. When mineral clusters stick to aluminum or anodized aluminum3, it turns brown and becomes difficult to take off. Please refrain from using aluminum or anodized aluminum pans and pots as much as possible.


Caustic lime

Okinawa is said to exist on top of coral. As a result, the water in Okinawa has a high mineral content.



A filter used in situations where the original water supply contains a high percentage of well water or chemical substance. The transparent filter makes it easy to tell when the cartridge needs changing.


Anodized aluminum

An aluminum alloy often used in household pots.


5, What is the relationship between the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and pH?

The oxidization reduction potential is the electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidization.) The ORP1 also represents the reduction capacity to attract active oxygen. The optimum levels for the human body is between -150– -400mV. The ORP is also closely related to pH levels. When the pH increases, the ORP also increases. It is also possible to increase ORP through electrolysis. The value depends greatly on the original water supply. An ideal ORP may not be achieved if the original water has a pH lower than 7.0. Please make sure to examine the properties of your original water, for failure to do so may lead to inexplicable errors.


ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential)

Electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidization). This process is also known as deoxidization. ODR is measures in terms of negative mVs. The ideal ODR level for the human body is said to be between -150mV and -400mV.


6, What is the white fogginess in Kangen Water®?

The white fogginess apparent in Kangen Water® is simply a result of hydrogen gas being released through electrolysis, and does not pose a problem. If you rest the glass for a while the white fogginess should disappear.


Research focused on dissolved hydrogen released through electrolysis of water was presented at The Japan Functional Water Association Meeting1 in late December of 2002. It reported that Kangen Water® is effective in controlling the oxidation of lipids in the body. It also reported that dissolved hydrogen2 present in the colloidal3 state has a higher activity level than active hydrogen4 produced at the instance of reaction. Based on this report, the need for broader data collection and further scientific analysis was recognized.


The Japan Functional Water Association Meeting

The Japan Functional Water Association Workshop was established on September 13, 2002. In December of the same year, the first Japan Functional Water Association Academic Convention was held in Tokyo.


Dissolved hydrogen

Most commonly measured using a diaphragm polalograph-type dissolved hydrogen electrode. The solubility of dissolved hydrogen is about 1.5mg/L.



Low molecular weight (colloidal) particles dispersed in liquid. Each particle is between 1m and 0.1. The majority of substances that make up organisms are colloidal and have complex movements.


Active hydrogen

Professor Sanetaka SHIRAHATA of Kyushu University announced the “active hydrogen deoxidized water theory” on removing the active hydrogen in Kangen water. Related academic circles are debating whether or not active hydrogen exists in a stable state, given that it is an unstable free radical.


7, Can LeveLuk be used overseas?

When using LeveLuk in other countries, it must be adjusted to the particular voltage (110V-240V) and water quality of the country. Since there are few countries where you can drink tap water straight from the tap, and many countries where the water has extremely high calcium content, we recommend selecting a filter that suits the country. Many laws must be taken into consideration for exporting goods, but individual use overseas is not a problem.


8, Are there any cautions regarding the use of LeveLuk in cold regions?

LeveLuk is designed for use anywhere, but cold districts especially must be aware how to freeze-proof the device during the winter. When you turn off the water, the LeveLuk activates the automatic water draining system and drains the remaining water through the gray hose, thereby ensuring that no water is left in the appliance. Although there have not yet been any reports of accidents or breakdowns caused by freezing, if acidic water is left in the tank intentionally by lifting the hose or if the hose is positioned higher than the bottom of the LeveLuk due to space constraints, the automatic water draining system will not operate, and the remaining water may freeze, leading to accidents. Be sure to keep the hose lower than the base of the LeveLuk when turning off the water flow.


Q I heard that Enagic is an MLM company. Doesn’t that increase the cost of my machine?

This company has never been in MLM (multi‐level marketing). In 1974, Mr. Hironari Oshiro owned an exclusive Sony Dealership. In 1988 he changed the name of his company to Enagic Co., Ltd. In 2001 he acquired 30‐year‐old Toyo Aitex, recognized as Japan’s highest quality and most reliable water ionizer manufacturer, manufacturing the unit in Japan as Sanastic.

Enagic is a manufacturer of alkaline water ionizers. We handle every aspect … from research and development … to making every component of your machine … to custom assembly by ONE technician … all the way to shipping to you in our custom‐molded shipping carton inserts … direct to your door. The only thing we are NOT is a sales organization. When we entered the home retail sales arena, rather than creating a large worldwide marketing division, we determined the customary cost of taking a product to market … all the way to the ultimate consumer … which would mean advertising, media, office space, communication, graphics, shipping to jobbers and their overrides … to shipping to distribution centers and their overrides … inventory control … all the way to the retail sales point and their overrides. To do all of this, the standard marketing budget for most manufacturers is from 60% ‐ 75% markup. Our budget fits within these standard parameters; 65% is directly paid out to our Owner/Distributors … no company breakage. We allotted this whole marketing budget direct to our home water ionizer owners to reward them for referrals and they became our marketing department.

We have six sources of commissions/bonuses, depending upon the owner’s level of participation. Our first and basic referral bonus is divided into eight equal points and they are all paid on every sale. This is a basic fixed cost; we have no “levels” as do the MLM companies. The selling owner/distributor will first receive from one to six of these eight points. The rest will go to his sponsor and above. This is how we pay our referral bonuses. It is very simple. This plan is patented in 29 countries and has been working very nicely for about ten years. We do NOT have any of the marketing and distribution expenses of MLM companies … our field of distributors does all of that. THEY are our “marketing department” and they are doing an exceptional job.

Again, unlike MLM companies … we have no: enrollment fee, distributor kit, annual renewal, monthly quota

to receive your check, loss of pay level by non‐production. We pay our owner/distributors very well and they assume all of our marketing presence.

We do not even have a “pay period.” When a sale closes, the distributor(s) gets paid. Some of our established distributors find more than one check in their mailboxes … any day of the week. It has been a good plan … we give our marketing budget back to our owners, and many of them have received enough referral bonuses to return or lower the cost of their machine. So now, they have the best water on Earth, Kangen Water, free for the next 12 to 15 years! Everyone is happy. And, unlike MLM companies who focus on accumulating thousands of consumers, each contributing a small payment … our fixed referral points come right out when the sale is made, in proportion to participation, giving our owner/distributors substantial spending money from their very first sale.

So our payment plan does NOT increase the price. The price includes the standard marketing budget applied to all retail sales.

Q 2 have seen several non‐biased comparison websites comparing Enagic to some of the other companies. Do you have a comparison site?

No. We are an alkaline ionizer manufacturer and it is not our custom to attempt to evaluate, devaluate, or give our opinion of another company’s product. That is not the Japanese way. Yes, we understand that there are many of these sites. We have found that you can always tell which company’s product the “nonbiased” site is selling, as their machines will always have one ” * ” more than Enagic, and the others will be less than Enagic. Site registration also reveals this.

Q Since you don’t have a comparison site, can we rely on the information posted on these other comparison sites as accurate?

A Again, we have heard of “non‐biased” comparison websites being published on the Internet, giving you information on our machines. Much of what we see is incorrect. We were surprised to see this kind of misinformation allowed to be published in the US. This is not done in Japan. We honor all business people and put our attention upon giving our customers the very finest product possible. We will try to correct some of these inaccurate statements here.

Q When I searched the Internet for Kangen Water, or Enagic … I found several websites saying … “Is Enagic/Kangen a Scam?” … “Is There a Kangen Water Scam?!”

Yes, we have seen this. It makes us smile. We wonder what type of business person would attach his name to something like this? You have seen, here on this website, our many honorable certifications that we have earned over 35 years. As you can see, we are LICENSED by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a Manufacturer of Medical Devices and our ionizers are also LICENSED as … Medical Devices.

Would this government agency license … “a scam?” (This is such a distasteful word!) And, would 6,500 Japanese Medical Doctors choose Enagic, out of a field of thirty companies, to award ONLY ENAGIC their two certificates of endorsement and recommendation? Add that to, in your country, the highly respected DSA (Direct Selling Association) which deeply investigates every applicant (it takes about a year) before inviting to Membership? Enagic is one of less than 200 applicants who have been accepted. Then, there is our Class “A” Membership in the BBB … we are UL approved … need we go on? We are surprised that it is even necessary to respond to this … it is such an obvious attempt to divert people. We do not do this type of business practice in Japan. It is not kind to mislead people who are on a serious search to gain their health. And, it is not polite!

Q I have heard of drops that can be added to water to make it alkaline. That would make it a lot less expensive than buying an alkaline water ionizer.

There are more benefits to “alkaline water” than simply the alkalinity or pH. The most important feature of alkaline water produced by a water alkalinizer is its oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Water with a high negative ORP is of particular value in its ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals.‐‐ This is the key benefit of water produced by a water alkalinizer that is not available by simply drinking water than has had some bicarb or other compounds dissolved in it to make it alkaline.

~ Ray Kurzweil, America’s most highly awarded Scientist.

Q What is so special about your Kangen Water … isn’t all alkaline, ionized water the same?

Just as all cars have four wheels, a steering wheel, and seats … alkaline water ionizers may all have water, platinum, plates and electricity … but that certainly does not make all ionized water the same. It is the SIZE of our big 5″ x 7″ SOLID PLATES … the QUALITY of our titanium and platinum … and most certainly, the WATTAGE of our electrical power … 230 UNEQUALED WATTS! All of these unequaled attributes provide safe, & clean ionized water that will continue the same for twelve to fifteen years. The massive 230 WATTS is what it takes to FULLY IONIZE your water. The thickness of the medical grade platinum electroplated onto the surgical grade titanium is what determines HOW LONG your ionizer will continue to ionize. Think about this … when the platinum has worn away … there will be no more ionization. Then, think of our twice‐dipped and electroplated SOLID 5″ x 7″ plates … can you see the many years of service they will provide? And what about the little cut mesh plates (see below) SPRAYED with platinum? Because of the quality of our components, we have no problem in allowing you to continuously run your ionizer with no concern of over‐heating. There are machines on the market that must shut down regularly to avoid over‐heating. Be sure to read the fine print.

There are also machines that will void their warranty if used with hard water. Again, Enagic has no such restrictions. What kind of cleaning does a machine supply? And what can they do if your plates build up with alkaline? Enagic’s water chamber can be OPENED and the electrolysis plates can be removed and thoroughly FACTORY CLEANED for just $35 … even providing you with a “loaner” at no extra cost while this is being done!

Read the fine print. ‐‐ We drink Kangen Water to get RESULTS. The results you notice when hydrating your body with Kangen Water are the results that will continue to support you years from now. That is what Enagic/Kangen is all about.

Q But, isn’t there some “scientific” way to measure what makes Enagic’s Kangen Water the “Gold Standard?”

There certainly is. Many of our owners have ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) meters, both to electronically read the pH and the ORP. As Ray Kurzweil, America’s most awarded Scientist tells us, “ORP can also be directly tested using an ORP sensor and meter. We have conducted these experiments as well. We found that water coming directly from the tap had an ORP of +290mV, while the water coming out of the water alkalinizer had a negative ORP. The more negative the ORP of a substance (that is, the higher its negative ORP), the more likely it is to engage in chemical reactions that donate electrons. These electrons are immediately available to engage in reactions that neutralize positively charged free radicals.

“Free radicals are among the most damaging molecules in the body and are highly unstable molecules that are oxidizing agents and are electron deficient. They are a principal cause of damage and disease in the body.

Oxygen free radicals contribute significantly to a broad variety of harmful conditions in the body ranging from life‐threatening conditions such as heart disease, stroke and cancer, to less severe conditions such as sunburns, arthritis, cataracts, and many others. Free radicals MUST get electrons from somewhere and will steal them from whatever molecules are around, including normal, healthy tissues.”

How do you know that Kangen Water is … The Gold Standard? TEST our water! See the results and the high negative ORP produced by … Kangen Water.

Q How long have you been making water ionizers?

As we say in our story, we began in 1974 as an exclusive Sony Dealership. We changed our name to Enagic Co., Ltd. in 1988. In 2001 we acquired Toyo Aitex, a company that, for thirty years, specialized in manufacturing electrolysis water generating technology. Toyo manufactured medical devices for hospitals.

After thirty years’ history, Toyo was recognized as the best and most reliable water ionizer in all of Japan.

We are one of the oldest manufacturers of water ionizers in the world. We do not know why other companies in this industry are saying we have only been in business for four years. After 29 years of growth, over six years ago we expanded to your country. We are very well known in Japan; we invite you to visit our country … you will see.


Q These sites show that others have higher ORP readings than Enagic.

Since this is a new science in your country, most people are not educated to know what influences the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) or antioxidant value in the water. Water ionization takes place when the electricity … in the case of our SD 501, this would be 230 watts … hits the metal plates submerged in the water chamber.

Three things then influence the ORP reading: 1) The size and quality of the plates; 2) the amount of electrical wattage; 3) the flow speed of the water. The bigger the plates; the higher the quality of the metal; the higher the wattage; and the length of time the water is subjected to the electrical charge determines the ORP readings and the length of time the water will be able to retain the charge. We have seven big 5” x 7” surgicalgrade titanium (only made in Japan) plates that are twice dipped and electroplated with medical grade platinum … and our high electrical wattage is 230 watts … those two elements cannot be changed. BUT, the flow rate of the water can be changed. On these “non‐biased” Internet ORP charts, look at the flow rate of Enagic’s machine and then look at the flow rate of the others. Obviously, they are running Enagic’s water very fast (other machines cannot flow this fast) past our big, solid, 5” x 7” plates which will not give the water adequate exposure to fully receive the 230 watt electrical charge … while the other machines’ flow rates are much slower … helping them achieve a better ORP. And by the way, Enagic’s machines need no “cooling off time” – our machines are continuous‐flow. We can run fifteen or more gallons a day, easily. One more thing … Enagic may be the only machine able to maintain a flow rate of 8 LPM and still provide a high level of ORP.

Q Do you only have a 10‐day guarantee?

This posting is saying it wrong. Enagic’s SD 501 gives a full five year guarantee as to parts and labor. See our printed Warranty. And remember, our 5‐year Warranty comes to you from a 35‐year‐old manufacturer.

We are not new to this business.

What they are speaking about is our return policy. We have very tight quality control. After your machine is hand‐built by ONE TECHNICIAN, and before it is shipped to you, there are twenty‐two items checked on every machine by five different people. You may even notice a bit of water still on the machine from our quality control technicians. Each single item on your machine has been made by us … even the interior mold for shipping cartons. When you receive your Enagic machine we allow you ten days to open the machine and inspect it for any shipping damage. Other than this, we KNOW you have received the quality of water ionizer you paid for and deserve. We KNOW you have received what you wanted. We KNOW your ionizer will deliver every aspect of what we offered and that you expected, and most likely more. We do not believe you would want any other quality of machine, would you? If we allowed someone to USE your machine for sixty days, exposing it to mistreatment … and then we sent it to you … would this make you happy?? That is not the Enagic way. It is not the Kangen Water way. Q It has recently been discovered that Kangen (Enagic) is putting Calcium Sulphite, which is also known as Calcium Sulfite in their filters. But isn’t Calcium Sulphite extremely toxic and banned in some countries?

It is not unusual for people to get the various forms of Calcium intermixed in their minds. It is Calcium Sulfate that is harmful to our health.

Calcium Sulfite is a commonly known food preservative which will prevent spoilage due to moisture. In medicine it is also used as an intestinal antiseptic, and locally in the treatment of parasitic skin diseases. It is also very effective at removing chlorine from water. This is the substance in our cartridge filters. It has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation Calcium Sulfate is also known as gypsum. It is commonly used in plaster of Paris as well as with drywall and other construction purposes. When it is broken down and inhaled, it may have a carcinogenic effect. This form of calcium can be harmful to your health.

It is Calcium Sulfite that is used in our prefilter to remove chlorine. Would 6,500 Japanese medical doctors choose a licensed medical device that was in ANY WAY harmful to their patients? Again, the source of this misinformation must be questioned.

Q I have heard that the mesh plate is the “new technology.” Do you use mesh plates?

We have never used anything except our solid, large, surgical‐grade titanium and medical‐grade platinum electrolysis plates. Even with our surgical quality titanium, we would never cut a plate and expose the raw titanium to the drinking water. It is the size of the plates and the quality of the electroplating, hit by our massive 230 watts of electricity that produces the results known as Kangen Water. Mesh plates cannot possibly take on this kind of electrical charge and survive.

Please examine our Enagic solid surgical‐grade titanium plates, above, that have been twice dipped into medical‐grade platinum and electroplated. See the luster and shine on this platinum? Now, look to the right at the little mesh plates that have been only sprayed with platinum. We also found that the cut mesh exposes the titanium base to your drinking water.

Which, of the two machines above, is YOUR choice?

Q I found ionizers that cost about half of what Enagic’s SD 501 costs …

Yes, we have heard from people who wanted to save money and bought these machines. Suppose you spent $2000 on one of these cheap machines. Then, after you owned the machine, the selling distributor tells you can earn $1000 commission by selling his machines. That leaves $1000. Now, that distributor plans to earn money on your sales, right? How much does that leave … to pay the manufacturer his profit?? And what ever is left, goes into the machine itself. Take another look at the picture above. Do you really want to buy a cheap machine?

Q You said you have a full five year guarantee on parts and labor. Is that how long your machine will last?

In order to estimate the life of your machine, we would have to know your family’s usage over a period of years. We can say this: would you and your family use fifteen gallons a day? Everyday? Our engineers have determined that the quality of our plates, receiving this massive 230 watts of charge, can produce fifteen gallons of ionized water a day … every day … for a minimum of seven years. If you believe you would use less, you would of course enjoy your machine that much longer. After being in the water ionization business for thirty‐five years, and seeing the lifespan of the equipment we have already produced, we are comfortable in telling you that we expect your Enagic Water Ionizer to serve you and your family for 12 to 15 years, depending upon source water, usage, and care. We consider this equipment to be a major long‐term investment for your family.

Q Who services your ionizers here in the US?

We have our own US service department, right here in California. And we will never leave you and your family without Kangen Water! If your machine requires service, we will first ship you a loaner at no charge before you send your machine in for cleaning. Our basic service fee is $35.

Q I have heard Enagic has a “secret compartment” where they insert a secret ingredient that says it isn’t for drinking! What is this? Is it in our drinking water?

They must be talking about our electrolysis enhancer fluid. This is retained in a special chamber which releases it as we are making our exclusive Strong Acid/Strong Alkaline waters. This water is NOT for drinking. It has disinfectant properties, the same as that which is used by our hospitals and clinics … and now, we have brought it right to your fingertips in your homes! We are the only company that has this antibacterial water available in our home water ionizers. This protective water can be made at a moment’s notice, for any emergency, right from your kitchen tap water, and it kills bacteria in 30 seconds … salmonella, e‐coli, staph, even MRSA. We take great pride in providing this to our home ionizer owners.

A‐2We also have another port which holds Glycerol Phos Acidic Calcium. This is a safe form of calcium which can be added to incoming tap water that does not contain enough minerals to create proper ionization.

This calcium salt is purchased separately from Enagic by people living in areas having very soft water.

Q Has there been any scientific research published about alkaline ionized water?

Although this may seem a new concept to you, research has been going on for decades on the properties of alkaline ionized water. We have included a sampling of books on this website: References. In fact, you may particularly appreciate this highly awarded scientist’s well‐documented article on alkaline ionized water. The world is looking for answers … millions of people die each year from contaminated water … and today, we find that our country, Japan, is the healthiest, longest‐lived in the world. For decades, our Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has been recommending this water technology and encouraging our families to bring it into their homes. And we believe our high level of health is a result of this. And with this example, countries throughout the world are now embracing water ionization … the perfect answer for today’s imperfect water.

Q. Can there be any harmful effects by drinking this water over a period of years?

Our owner, Mr. Hironari Oshiro, started drinking this water nineteen years ago, when he was 49.

However, this photo was taken of him in April, 2008, at the Grand Opening of our newly built 40,000 s.f. US Headquarters and Distribution Center in Torrance, California. He had just turned 67. We hope the next 18 years will be as good to you and your family!

Thank you for your questions.

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